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20109月刊《Runner's World


How Running Affects Your Body

Weird Science

By Dimity McDowell



作者Dimity McDowell


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13 Why do my legs twitch in bed at night after I've run that day?
If your legs are still moving when you're under the covers, chances are you skimped on a postrun meal. "When you work hard and sweat, you excrete a lot of sodium and calcium, two electrolytes that are responsible for muscle relaxation," says Olson. "Being iron deficient, especially for women, can also contribute."


Running Rx Get up and head to the kitchen for a glass of milk and some pretzels. To stave off future problems, make sure to include dairy, salt, and iron, found in lean red meat and spinach, in your meals after a run.

跑步对策 赶快起床到厨房去,喝一杯牛奶,吃一点椒盐饼干。为了避免问题再一次发生,确保跑后进餐时应该包括牛奶,盐和铁,瘦肉和菠菜含有铁质。

14 Why do my toenails go black?
For regular runners, a black toenail is not a matter of if, it's when," says Dr. Bright. Three causes of the black badge: a too-short shoe; a toenail that comes into contact with the roof of the shoe too often; and a runner who uses his toes to grip too hard. However it happens, the result is the same. Blood vessels under the nail break open, which spill blood (which looks black under the opaque nail) into the area between the toe bed and the toenail. "That area isn't accommodating to blood collection: It's rigid and restrictive," says Dr. Bright. "It builds up a lot of pressure quickly."


Running Rx If the pressure is bothering you and you can handle more hurt, press the end of a paper clip or safety pin, heated with a match, through the nail. "That's a pretty painful proposition," says Dr. Bright, who recommends the gentler touch of a doctor. Do it sooner, while the blood is still fluid. If the pain decreases and doesn't bother you, no need to take action. Either way, the skin below it will heal, the nail will die and fall off. Don't worry, it'll grow back someday.

跑步对策 如果烦恼您的是压力,您可能承受更多痛苦,用火柴加热环形针或安全别针,穿刺放血。“这是比较痛苦的办法,”Bright博士说,他建议像医生那样动作轻些。当血液未干时,趁早进行处理。如果疼痛缓解,无大碍,无需任何处理。最终结果是,底下的皮肤会恢复,指甲将死去和脱落。别担心,指甲总有一天会长出来。

15 Why is it mentally so tough to push myself?
There is, alas, no simple answer to the million-dollar question. Experts confidently proclaim two basic things: The brain controls the amount of pain to which you willingly subject yourself, and the human body inherently does not like pain. "Our brain discourages us from running to the point of disrupting the physiological homeostasis that our bodies depend on to preserve life," says Fitzgerald, author of Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel.


"The brain won't actually allow a true, 100 percent effort." Robert Weinberg, Ph.D., a professor of sports psychology at Miami University in Ohio, adds that one's goals may not be aligned with what one is truly willing to physically endure. "You may think you want a sub-three-hour marathon, but you may not be interested in doing the hard work it takes," he says.

“大脑实际上不允许使用真正的,100%全力跑。”Robert Weinberg是生理学博士,Miami大学运动生理学教授,他还说一个人的目标可能与人体真正愿意承受的强度不一致。“您可能会说马拉松您想跑进3小时,但是您可能对必须付出的艰苦训练不感兴趣,”Robert Weinberg说。

Running Rx "You have to train to suffer," says Fitzgerald, adding that many runners embrace one type of suffering—usually the high-volume grind—but not the lung- and leg-burning type that creates speed. He recommends intervals, hill repetitions, and tempo runs at least once a week to build your mental muscle. "Discomfort should be an explicit objective of the workout," he says. Realize you're not up for that pain? Weinberg suggests pushing yourself more moderately by running with people who are slightly speedier than you are. The peer pressure will unconsciously make you mentally stronger—and faster.

跑步对策 “您必须训练承受痛苦的能力,”Fitzgerald说,许多跑步者喜欢一种类型的训练---通常是高里程---但是不喜欢可以提高速度的肺脏-和腿部-训练。他建议为了增强意志力,间歇跑,坡道重复跑,和乳酸门槛跑,至少每周一次。“不舒服,应该是训练的明确目标,”他说。意识到您受不了那样的痛苦?Weinberg建议您适度地增加一点强度,与比您稍微快一些的人一起跑。有了来自同水平人的压力,您会无意识地增强意志力—和提高速度。

16 Why do I get side stitches?
That pain that rips through your midsection, usually on the right side? Chalk it up to the act of breathing. Or, more accurately, to your diaphragm, the muscle that controls your breathing motion. "It attaches to the liver on the right side," says Dr. Wyrick. "When you run, the attaching ligaments stretch, which stresses the diaphragm and causes pain."


Running Rx Slow down or walk so you can take deep, full breaths. Grabbing your right side and squeezing it to support the liver may also end the pain. Another option: When your left foot hits the ground, exhale, which causes your diaphragm to rise; inhale on your right foot, and it falls down, which decreases the stretching. Finally, keep training. Side stitches typically happen to beginners. "Over time, the ligaments become conditioned to the stress," says Dr. Wyrick.

跑步对策 降低速度或步行,充分进行深呼吸。用手按住您的右侧,支撑肝脏,也可以止痛。另外一种方法:当您的左脚着地时,呼气,使腹膜抬起;当您的右脚着地时,吸气,使腹膜落下,减少拉伸。总之,继续训练。肋部剧痛,通常,仅发生于跑步新人。“经过一段时间之后,韧带即可适应张力,”Wyrick博士说。

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