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20109月刊《Runner's World


How Running Affects Your Body

Weird Science

By Dimity McDowell



作者Dimity McDowell


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17 I use the bathroom right before I start, so why do I have to pee midrun?
The urge to detour into the bushes can happen for a couple reasons, says Craig Comiter, M.D., associate professor of urology at Stanford Medical School: As your heart pumps blood more rapidly around your body, your kidneys may produce more urine, especially if you were well-hydrated prior to your run and you drink during it. You may also be dehydrated, and the concentrated urine in your bladder may give you that gotta-go feeling; or, due to a slightly weak sphincter combined with the jostling of running, a bit of urine may leak through the bladder and stimulate the urethra, making you wish you could cross your legs while running. (Pregnancy causes the need for more pitstops, too.)

急于绕道去小树丛有几种原因,Craig Comiter说,医学博士,副教授,Stanford医学院泌尿系:当您的心脏向周身加速泵送血液时,您的肾脏可以产生更多的尿液,特别是在您跑前充分饮水和途中补水的情况下。您也可能脱水,您膀胱中的浓尿液会给您一种“我该去了”的感觉;或,括约肌较弱,加上跑步的压迫,一点尿液可能通过膀胱遗漏,刺激尿道,使您在跑步时感到尿急(怀孕者“靠站”次数更多)。

Running Rx Take a pee break, says Dr. Comiter. If it happens a lot, schedule a pit stop at a urologist's office.

跑步对策 安排小解时间,Comiter医生说。如果次数过多,建议去泌尿科看医生。

18 Why do I feel like a genius after a run?
Perhaps the biggest benefit of a great 10-K is that, postrun, you're sure you could score 1,600 on the SATs (2,400 if you're under 25) —or at least improve. "Running increases levels of positive neurotransmitters, like endorphins; norepinephrine, which is responsible for alertness; and serotonin, which helps regulate mood," says Fitzgerald. "Plus, running puts the brain in an 'alpha-wave' state, which is associated with feelings of calmness and well-being." A handful of studies have documented that moving your feet correlates with improving your brain; two conducted at the University of Illinois found that 30 minutes of exercise resulted in up to a 10 percent improvement in cognition, or being more effective in processing a problem or situation. Maybe that stellar score isn't out of reach.


Running Rx If you really have to ask, maybe you should go for a run.

跑步对策 如果您真的要问,可能您应该再去跑几圈。

19 Why does my nose run as fast as my feet?
Don't chalk it up to empathy. A runny nose, a condition called exercise-induced rhinitis, is most likely due to the increased air flow; as your breathing rate increases, your nose kicks into hyperactivity. "Cool and dry air—or both—have been shown to increase secretions, similar to what we see in exercise-induced asthma," says James Sublett, M.D., allergist and professor at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Kentucky. If you're self-conscious about your drippy schnoz, know you're not alone: A 2006 study, published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, surveyed 164 exercisers and found that 40 percent had a runny nose while exercising inside, and 56 percent had one outside.

Don't chalk it up to empathy. 流鼻涕,属于运动引发的鼻炎症状之一,极可能是由于气流的提高;当您提高呼吸频次之后,您的鼻子活动更加频繁。“冷空气和干燥空气---或二者---业已证明可以增加分泌物,与我们看见的运动型鼻炎相同,”James Sublett说,医学博士,过敏专科医生,Louisville大学医学院教授。如果有一些自我意识的话,您一定知道您并不孤单:根据一份2006年的研究报告,发表在《过敏,哮喘和免疫年报》上,共有研究对象164人,其中40%在室内运动时流鼻涕,56%在室外运动时流鼻涕。

Running Rx If your runny nose is a serious issue—it continues to run long after your workout and into your very important presentation—you might consider taking an antihistamine, such as Claritin or Zyrtec, or using an over-the-counter saline nasal spray prior to your run. Otherwise, stuff your pockets with tissues, and perfect your farmer's blow.

跑步对策 如果您流涕严重---在跑步之后,持续较长时间,影响您的正常生活---您最好考虑服用抗组胺药,比如Claritin或Zyrtec,或在跑步开始之前,使用药房出售的生理盐水鼻喷剂。另外,随身携带纸巾,擤鼻涕用。

20 At the end of a long run or race, why do I question the meaning of life?
I had a client who told me at the end of a marathon, she could see the Virgin Mary," says Manuel Villacorta, M.S., R.D. "She felt like she was dying." One of the prominent symptoms of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is angry, depressing thoughts. When your body isn't receiving the glucose it needs to perform, your brain, the air-traffic controller of your body, springs into action, sending messages—Why are you out here anyway, stupid? —for it to shut down and self-preserve.

“我有一个病人,她告诉我在马拉松结束时,她可以看见圣母玛利亚,”Manuel Villacorta说,科学硕士,R.D。“她感到她马上就要死了。”明显的低血糖症状之一是气愤,压抑的念头。当您的身体不能获得所需的糖原时,您的大脑,身体的空气-交通控制器,开始启动,同时发出信号---为什么您还在那里,傻瓜?---关机,进行自我保护。

Running Rx The day before a long run, eat three nutritionally sound meals and make sure your body's fuel tank is topped off before you head out. During the run, take in about 30 grams of carbs every 30 to 40 minutes. Before you head out, line up your answers to the inevitable questions (or at least draw up your will).

跑步对策 在长距离跑前一天,吃3顿营养餐,确保您身体的燃料箱在开跑之前装得满满的。在跑步过程中,每30-40分钟摄入30克碳水化合物。在出发之前,请回答这些不可避免的问题(或至少表达一下您的愿望)。

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